The 4th annual TLC Conference: “The TLC Responds to Andrew Delbanco and the Value of Preserving the Liberal Arts” - Undergraduate Student Registration

Friday, February 7, 2014 :: 8:45-4:30 PM

Powers | Ballroom

This conference is co-sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Collective (TLC), College of Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences (CHSBS) and the Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching (FaCIT). While the conference is geared toward faculty and teaching graduate students, all are welcome to attend. The conference is free and includes coffee in the morning, lunch, and refreshments in the afternoon. Registration is required.

The keynote address will be presented by Jonathan Truitt, HST faculty and 2013 CHSBS Teaching Award winner. After his presentation on the use of game-based learning, participants will be able to choose from breakout workshop sessions that focus on a recovery of the best of the liberal arts teaching tradition with practical and effective teaching strategies which can be integrated into existing classes. We hope you will join us for this fourth annual conference!

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